Metrc - Nanotechnology anti-counterfeiting

Utilising blockchain and holographic technologies to transform retail and manufacturing including counterfeiting and environmental responsibility

Metrc has developed a unique authenticity platform to help manufacturers and retailers prevent counterfeiting of their brand products. Integrating the latest in nano and holographic technology,  Metrc has connected the physical world with the digital, where tokenised blockchain assets are directly linked to products sold, traded, exchanged or even...recycled, where an asset does not need to be an item that increases in value.

Use Cases

Fashion trading & exchanges

A high growth segment of ecommerce is the secondary market of fashion, including sneakers, jewelry, clothing and handbags, where financially savvy consumers invest and resell products in high demand.

This market is open to and used by investors, collectors, influencers or just your average fashion conscious trend setters. Every buyer faces the same issue - counterfeit products.

Metrc works directly with brands and marketplaces to integrate our solution from production or distribution through to the secondary market. This innovative solution not only protects the end buyer, it also opens up the secondary market to the brands themselves, ensuring they receive revenue everytime one of their products is resold. A world first for the world of retail.

Environmental Responsibility on Blockchain

Alongside the mainstream awareness of the single use plastic pandemic, there are many more high risk issues for our environment, with one being mattresses and the catastrophic amount of materials hitting landfill globally every year.

A recent boom in the mattress in a box industry has seen the amount of memory foam mattresses increase significantly, encouraging tired consumers to ditch their spring filled mattress for their new, innovative, unrecyclable product instead. Landfill has an influx of dumped mattresses while $billion companies manufacture millions of foam mattresses a year - without any environmental responsibility for the future of our planet. What will happen to those mattresses?

Integration of the Metrc process directly with the mattress brand After has enabled a manufacturer to track and guarantee the collection and recycling of every single product made - with nanotechnology to process and blockchain technology to prove that no After mattress ever hits landfill.

Working with new payment gateway technology from Payed and immediate brokerage into fiat via Relayed, After Mattress as a brand ls turning to the latest in digital technology to take on the VC funded brands of Simba and Casper.



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